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This part requires saving the category link TWICE in order to show up

Try changing the following Category markup from [[!Blemmm]] to [[!Blem]] - notice that the Category pagelist below won't update until you save for a second time

(:myPtv: [[!Foox]]:)
category {$:myPtv}
!! pages in the Foo category
(:pagelist group=Test fmt=#simple-nolinks link=Category.Foo list=all :)
!! pages in the Foox category
(:pagelist group=Test fmt=#simple-nolinks link=Category.Foox list=all :)

category Foox

pages in the Foo category

pages in the Foox category

  • Test.PtvCat
* `{=$FullName}

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Page last modified on February 04, 2010, at 04:16 AM