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(:pagelist name=Blank* $:ptv=-?* :)
(:pagelist name=Blank* $:ptv=-* :)


(:pagelist name=Blank* $:ptv= :)
(:pagelist name=Blank* $:ptv=* :)
(:pagelist name=Blank* $:ptv=- :)
=-?*PTV is either set to blank value or not set
=-*NEW: PTV is not set
=NEW: PTV is set to a blank value (technically challenging because ParseArgs() doesn't accept - any other options?)
=*NEW: PTV is set to anything
=-PTV is set to a non-blank value
$:ptvPTV is set on the page
-$:ptvPTV is NOT set on the page
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Page last modified on April 10, 2009, at 03:12 AM