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INSTRUCTIONS: Please type YOUR name in the first field (labeled "My Name" below). Then click on the "Sign Up" button in any time period where you would like to meet with a particular teacher. It takes a moment to reload the form after you have signed up for a slot, so please be patient.

Since we have parent/teacher conferences on 2 different days and the various grade levels have different length meetings, we have several pages for the signup. You can go from one page to another using the links in the following table:

Grades K-1 - October 26Grades K-1 - November 2
Grades 2-5 - October 26Grades 2-5 - November 2
Middle School - October 26Middle School - November 2

Remember that if you have multiple children with the same teacher you will need to sign up for one slot for each child.

If you want to REMOVE your name from a slot, simply click on the button labeled "X" in the box with your name.

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Page last modified on October 11, 2012, at 01:47 PM